9-12th Grade Choir and Band Tour

9th-12th Grade Choir and Band Tour to New  Orleans
June 4-9, 2019

Details of the Trip

·       Total cost of the tour – including everything listed on the documents below will be approximately $950.  The exact cost will be set after we see how many students will be going on the tour.

Important Dates

      Sept. 11, 2018         $150**    **Non-Refundable Trip Deposit: not from fundraising  money

      Oct. 1, 2018              $100   (Can use fundraising money, Cash/Check, or a combination of these for this and all future payments)

      Nov. 1, 2018             $100          

      Dec. 1, 2018             $100          

      Jan. 1, 2019             $100           “

      Feb.  1, 2019            $100           “

      Mar.  1, 2019           $150           “

      Apr.  1, 2019            $150*         “     (* or balance left on an adjusted total)

      TOTAL:                     $950

Slide Presentation shown in class


Application / Terms and Conditions

Preliminary Itinerary and Info

"Safety Net Option" for post-season athletes

Chaperone Application

(not active)   
Final Itinerary

(not active)   Travel Information Packet



Link to Make Payments Online       (select "Donations and Bills" and be sure to put your Student's Name and the Month of the bill that is being paid)

Link to Student Account Totals  ---Note:  This is a Google Doc so it will open best in Google Chrome