How to Register


How to Register for……

            Community Ed & Recreation Activities

                        Trips & Tours

                                    & ECFE

1. Click on Course Catalog
2.  Click on a category (ex. Youth Recreation).
3.  Find the class that you want to register for and click on the select box on the right hand side of the screen.
4.  Click on Add to Cart.
5.  Click on Check out.
6.Choose New user– Create New Account.  The next time you return to the site, you will only need to log in under the returning user section.
7.  Step 1 Add Student/Participant Info, fill in all information about participant
8.  Click on Save and Continue.
9.  Step 2  Add Payer Information, fill in all information.
10.  Click on Continue
11.  Step 3 Verify Student/Participants & Quantity.
12.  Click on Assign a Person.
13.  Click on Save & Exit.
14.  If your cart is correct…. Click on Check Out.
15.  Step 4 Confirm that information is correct and enter 3 digits from the back of your credit card.
16.  Click on submit your payment.
Always click on Log Off My Account when you are finished.


 How to pay online for……

             Kids Korner


1. Click on the Kids’ Korner

2. Click on Kids Korner again.

3.  Click on the View My Account tab.

4.  If you are a new user, click create new account. If you are already enrolled in Kids Korner, click on the Login to My Family Account button-enter the username and password that was given to you, click the Login button. If you forgot your username and password, please call the office 269-5026.

5.  Go to the Payment History tab, click on the Make a Payment button.

6.  Click on the Proceed to Payment button.

7. Click on the credit card payment profile circle. Click on Choose payer drop down menu if your name is not selected. Click on add credit card no if credit card information is not saved or if credit card info. is already entered click on the credit card you want used from the drop down menu.

8. Add the 3 digit code.

9. Click on the Submit Payment button.

10.  Always click on Log Off My Account  tab when you are finished.